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FREE Community Meals – Old Stone Evangelical Church, Amherst OH

FREE Community Supper – Old Stone Evangelical Church the 2nd Wednesday of each month from the hours of 5pm – 7pm. Address: 553 South Main Street, Amherst, OH 44001


FREE Community Pancake Breakfast – Old Stone Evangelical Church the 2nd Saturday of each month from the hours of 8:30am- 10:30am. Address: 553 South Main Street, Amherst, OH 44001

Great fellowship! Great cooks!


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Western Reserve Glass Club Show and Sale Press Release


Western Reserve Glass Club Show and Sale Press Release  Retro American Glass Show and Sale!


Go GREEN, Buy Vintage! The Western Reserve American Glass Club of Northeast Ohio will be holding their annual Retro Glass Show and Sale May 6th and 7th 2017.

In its 40th year, the Show and Sale is enjoying its third year at its new location at St. Mary’s Crystal Chalet at 3600 Biddulph Ave. in Cleveland (corner of State and Biddulph, north of I-480).

The Show and Sale dates are Saturday, May 6th from 10 AM to 5 PM and Sunday, May 7th from 10 AM to 4PM. Admission is $5.00 and good for both days! If you are under 30, admission is FREE with valid ID.

Our show this year is sponsored by Blenko Glass Company, proudly making handmade glass in the USA since 1893. Blenko will have glassware for sale and our club members will display pieces from their collections.

Convenient free parking is available at the hall.

The much larger location has allowed the club to offer many new and exciting features. Not only will you be able to peruse and buy wonderful cool American made retro and vintage glass, pottery and china, but you will be able to have pieces of your vintage glass identified, play Glass Betty BINGO, listen and participate in seminars on vintage glass and view club members wonderful collections of glass. Who knows, this may spark your interest in hunting for a new collectible!

The club will also have raffles, museum and national glass club displays. Lunch will be available at the hall.

There will be over 60 tables of glass at this year’s show and sale with items from the early 1800s, Early American Pattern Glass, carnival glass, Depression glass, elegant glass, retro bar-ware, mid-century modern, groovy 60s and 70s glass and much more!

Come spend a great day learning about the USA’s first industry, be green by buying and using vintage, and marvel at the colors, shapes, quality, and styles of the past!

For more information please email or contact Zak at 440-799-1618. The Western Reserve American Glass Club is one of the oldest glass clubs in the USA and meets monthly to promote the study and preservation of collectible glass. “

Note: Do not use the website listed on the WRAGC post card. Maintenance issues.

Posted by  Eagle Oasis Professional Services LLC & Women Business Owners Network (WBON Lorain)  of Lorain County Ohio, on behalf of J & R Moving & Storage, Inc.

Bringing you to the attention of LCCC/Employment and Career Services’ Upcoming Job Search Assistance workshops, please click on the following link to view and register.

These workshops are FREE and you may sign up for as many as you like.

P. S. Krista K. Gable, (Eagle’s Beagle) is an LCCC Alumni – in 2006/2007 I was in the midst of a job/career change.  I attended the Transitions group twice a month and also attended LCCC’s Career Boot Camp.  Awesome programs! 

Career Boot Camp reminded me of “What Color is Your Parachute?” (which I read in 2002/2003) only you are in a Class / workshop setting. 

You DO NOT have to be a current student of Lorain County Communicty College in order to use LCCC Employment and Career Services; alumni and non-alumni can attend. You also DO NOT have to be from Lorain County to use these services.

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True Confessions of an Obituary Archivist

Over the years I have gone to great lengths to verify facts and gather information. One of those was to subscribe to out-of-state newspapers. Many newspapers still do not have online website visibility and most of them do not make their archives available online. Some do, most do not. Some newspapers in recent years post the obituaries online for seven days and then they disappear – poof!

Years before the internet, I began subscribing to a daily newspaper called the Lebanon Daily News.  Do you have any idea how much newspaper subscriptions have gone up over the last 20 years? A lot.

The Lebanon Daily News is from Lebanon County, Pennsylvania – located between Harrisburg and Reading, Pennsylvania.  About now you’re probably wondering why a person from Northern Ohio takes this newspaper.  My ancestry from my paternal side is all from Lebanon Valley, Pennsylvania – my grandparents are buried there.  I spend a great deal of time in this area every year visiting relatives all over the state, attending family reunions, being a tourist, shopping at Vanity Fair  in Reading, enjoying the scenery in Amish country, eating at the Shady Maple in Blue Ball, going to Roots Market in Manheim to purchase my Shoofly pie from the Amish ladies, and doing as much genealogy as I can squeeze into my schedule! 

What started out to be an inexpensive RISK to watch for obituaries, anniversaries, births, engagements, weddings, family reunions, class reunions, 3-4-5 generation pictures, and real estate transactions really has cost me MONEY. Course, I must admit there are many articles I love to read in this newspaper. Years ago, Schulyer C. Brossman, deceased, of Our Keystone Families was a column favorite. These days, James M. Beidler, of the column Roots & Branches has my attention.  I look forward to every issue!

Obituaries that appear in the Lebanon Daily News come from people living in Lebanon Valley area including the following counties: Berks, Bucks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill, and many others.  In addition, obituaries appear for individuals who are being buried in Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, but are not necessarily originally from this area.

Anyway – in my possession – I have Lebanon Daily News Obituaries for 1992 – 2000 – but I also have the obituaries from 2001 – current.  Am I obsessed with the Lebanon Daily News Obituaries or what? 

I have an on-going mission’s project – inventorying all the obituaries in my possession.  The inventory databases, (yes, I said databases. I build them as I go) are quite simple.  They list the surname of the deceased, the prefix of the deceased, like if they are a Doctor, Reverend, Sergeant 1st Class, etc., First name of the deceased, middle name or middle initial, a suffix – are they a senior, junior, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, nickname, maiden name if available, age at the time of death (if available), and the dates the obituary appear in the newspaper.  I’ll probably be doing this project the rest of life! It is okay, I’m passionate about this project.

Did your relative(s) have an obituary in the Lebanon Daily News?  You never know, I may till have the obituary in tact; or, I may have typed up an obituary abstract for an individual. No, I am not parting with the obituaries – I am offering my services to research my archives for the Lebanon Daily News Obituaries.  I’ve become keenly aware that the obituaries from 1992 – 2000 might not be on the internet.

Truth – when I need obituaries for years prior to 1992 (when I didn’t keep the obituaries from the newspaper), guess what?  I have to pay MONEY to find someone to locate them for me.  Click here to learn more about my Lebanon Daily News Archives.

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Northern Ohio Seasonal Shopping? Keep it Local.

Did you know that you don’t need to travel to the Christmas Craft Connection at the Cleveland IX Center to find great seasonal shopping opportunities?

You may discover that Craft Shows are how local small businesses show-off their unique goods and services; craft shows are an economical source of advertising.

Here are this week’s local craft shows:

Friday, 14 Nov 2008
11A – 8P
Saturday, 15 Nov 2008
10A – 3P
Christmas in the Country
Craft Show
Strongsville Holiday Inn
Rt 82 & I-71
Strongsville OH
Admission $4.00
No Strollers Please

Saturday, 15 Nov 2008
9A – 3P
March into Christmas Holiday
Craft Bazaar
Elyria Catholic High School
725 Gulf Rd
Elyria OH


Saturday, 15 Nov  2008
9A – 3P
3rd Annual Heritage 
Craft Fair
Heritage Presbyterian Church
Leavitt Rd
Amherst OH

Saturday, 15 Nov 2008
10A – 4P
Holy Trinity 
Christmas Boutique

Holy Trinity Hall & School
2610 Nagel Rd
Avon OH
Admission $1.00

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Genealogy: An Obsession with Verification – NOT FREE!

Not long ago, I had an interesting conversation with a friend’s daughter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We discovered we had quite a bit in common. The biggest? Genealogy. One of the things we discussed was our “obsession with verification”. I took notice that our obsessions regarding verifications were nearly identical. We both agreed verifications takes TIME and it is not free. Did you know you have to pay MONEY to receive the documentation showing proof of your suppositions?

Did you know that Aunt Molly’s stories to her family over the many years may not be true? Been there, done that. Verify her stories! Remember, it is not a correct fact until you verify it. You can verify facts from deeds, wedding licenses, obituaries, newspaper articles, wills, orphan court records, censuses, etc. Nearly every document you use to verify a fact costs MONEY.

One last thing, although a little off topic – we both found out the hard way, if you have things in your gear that records facilities will not allow or will not go through metal detectors – sometimes you have to RENT a locker located nearby the guard’s station and leave the items there. Why? You may not have driven to the location where the records are located or your car is parked too far away so you don’t have a place to put them while you are inside the records facility.

Where do these costs come from? I’m not just talking about printouts from microfiche and microfilm. There are online database subscriptions, fuel or fare to get to the locations where the records are stored, admission fees to use special libraries, toll road coins for the trip there and back, vehicle wear and tear, overnight accommodations, and, oh yeah – parking fees, especially to the parking garages for locations that do not have their own parking lots, or those pesky parking meters in some parking lots. Nothing I like better than running to the parking meter every couple of hours to toss more coins in the meter so I can keep gathering the facts!

Bottom line: She and I agree we go to great expense to verify the past facts; we have the receipts to prove it.


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Genealogy is not a FREE – That is a misnomer!

One of my deepest passions is Genealogy and preserving History!  Genealogy…helps unite families!   Actually, that is how I got where I am today. If it were not for genealogy, I would not have my virtual assistance practice.  Remember, I am a trustworthy and reliable offsite preservation support.

I just love people who say to me, “Krista, Genealogy is a free hobby”.  No, it’s not.  If you are reading my blog I know you have an internet connection.  In order for you to view one of the many online FREE genealogy sites, you have to have an Internet connection. Do you, or do you not, pay a Internet Service Provider for your connection to the Internet?  If you do, then genealogy is not FREE, is it?

Over the last 20 plus years, I have spent a small fortune working on different genealogy projects.  I have the receipts to prove it.  I have traveled to many states to get the information I have.  I have dug into moldy-smelling records in storage facilities that do not have their information on the Internet. Most of what I have found for myself or for others was not on the Internet.  It came from good old-fashioned digging in the trenches. Historical societies, public libraries, walking through cemeteries, printing the facts from  microfilm / microfiche readers (printouts are not free).

Although I have access to expensive online databases – I have discovered not everything can be found on the Internet!  Apparently me, and countless others have family members who were missed by the census takers!  There are states I just am unable to drive to – even I have have to ask for assistance.  This means that yes, you will have to ask for help, and no,  they don’t the work for free. 





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Destined For Greatness

It’s great to have a great network of friends! Many of my them are colleagues from my previous employment. We have each embarked on paths that have lead us to greater challenges.

One of those persons is DeBorah Hamilton-Levy, she is the owner of Destined For Greatness Enterprises, whose motto is “empowering you to become all that you were created to be”. Her niche is organizing activities, events, and seminar presentations.

Her worlshops include: Entrepreneurship, Finances, Goal Setting, Parenting, Relationships and Time Management. She is also an instructor teaching classes for Basic Computer and Software, Career Development, Internet Skills, and Life Skills.

 Need a realtor? Contact DeBorah is located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio  with Century21 Home Star  She’s a member of NAR, OAR and CABOR.

DeBorah is also the owner of DeBorah’s Bridal Boutique which sells, rents and consigns gowns reasonably priced. She is always collecting wedding, prom, evening and bridesmaids gowns for her boutique. As an accessory to the bridal boutique, a a Carlson Craft Dealer of exquiste wedding, business, and social stationery. Everyone that places an order with her will receive a 10% discount off their total order. If you would like to donate or consign gowns, please contact 216-926-6612.

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Special project inbound lead generation calls

As an independent telecommunications CSR call center specialist, I contract with different clients to handle their inbound lead generation communications.
For example: In my area of Ohio we get things in our mailboxes for Val-Pak It comes inside a blue-colored envelope. It is a blue envelope filled with a whole bunch of information (this information junkie loves this envelope!) from different companies who are trying to inexpensively adverstise their services and products. Most of them, yet not all of them have a telephone number or a website to go for more information, but do not have the big bucks to do this same type of thing in house. Those businesses want you to call them for further information.
So, you’re asking yourself, what does that have to do with an OASIS (Offsite Administratiive Secretarial Innovative Support)? Everything. Who handles your lead generation calls? Does it take a lot of time and energy from things on your to-do list?

Well, this oasis does the same thing, but on a much smaller scale. This oasis covers special project times when there needs to be a person monitoring the telephone number or group eMail box as people see to receive more information about a product, service, or maybe a special event.




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I am passionate about reunion associations!

This past July 2008, I attended a family reunion in Michigan. I am passionate about family reunions! You see, if it were not for two grandmothers, I would not be where I am today! I’m a Genealogiest both personally and professionally. Currently, I am a family historian for two different family reunions, in two different states, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In the past, many years ago, I had been a secretary and historian for the reunion in Michigan. Since 2001, I have am a recording secretary and historian for one reunion in Pennyslvania. As an oasis (Offsite Administratiive Secretarial Innovative Support), I virtually assist both reunions from Northern Shores of Lake Erie in Ohio.
I have learned many things from my event planning experiences. For starters, it helps to work with a great team of people. The main thrust of the officers is a great team of volunteers. An oasis (Offsite Administratiive Secretarial Innovative Support), teams up with your association to support you along the way. I love being a part of a project where I am assisting to bring people who haven’t seen each other in ages together or introducing missing family members to aunts, cousins and uncles they have never met. It is an energizing experience!
Family Reunions and Class Reunions are two group assocations for which I am passionate. Family Reunions and Class Reunions need Virtual Assisting. An oasis can help updating and maintaining mailing lists, keeping track of RSVPs, preparing the flyers and handling the dirty work of addressing what documentation you’re sending. There are many things Virtual Assisting can handle, and take away the major task of preparing your mailing. If you choose to send it from your home state, your oasis can send the final product to you so that you can organize and arrange a collating party to fold, seal, place stamps in position, and get them to the post office.




Contact:  Krista K Gable                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel: (440) 864-3294                                        May 1, 2017

Virtual Entrepreneurship: Where Your Future Begins. Today. at OIVAC

Amherst, OH – Any entrepreneur knows it’s vital to take time out from the day-to-day to work on professional development and growth. “I know as a professional Virtual Assistant the time I invest in fine-tuning current skills and learning new ones will help catapult my business and prove my commitment to serving clients. That is why I will be attending the 10th Online International Virtual Assistant Convention (,” on May 18-20, 2017, shared Krista K Gable of Eagle Oasis Professional Services LLC.

For 10 years, the OIVAC has been providing a virtual space for professional VA’s from across the globe to learn, grow, network and build this amazing industry. Now more than ever VAs are in high demand, as the global economy has forced small businesses to cut back and streamline practices. This means that projects and skills that were once handled by full-time, on-site staff may now be handled by a professional VA from their home office.  

“The OIVAC is a great event for new and seasoned VAs to learn from peers, network with like-minds, meet potential vendors and even share experiences,” says Gable, whose company specializes in preservation support. Preservation support means different things to different people. It could be the consumer needing Social Media Support, Genealogical Research Assistance, typing projects – resumes, special reports or historical documents – to small business owners – especially the Crafter / Artist who takes on the role of taking something old, recycling and creating beautiful treasures or Historian Lecturers, Historical societies, and non-profits looking to re-connect with their family members and classmates, and much more! Gable, a Virtual Assistant, will be attending the 10th Annual Online International Virtual Assistant Convention (, held this year from May 18-20, 2015, including a celebration of International Virtual Assistants Day on the 19th.  

 “It’s clear that small business owners can experience significant savings both in time and money by partnering with a professional a Virtual Assistant” says Sharon Williams, OIVAC founder. Worldwide, thousands of office support providers have joined the ranks of work-from-home, full-time, business owners. Gable, originally conceived the idea for her business in Fall 2015. She then began her new career in order to survive a Corporate Restructure from her former employer in April 2016. “By attending the OIVAC, I have access to industry-recognized experts, as well as a wealth of knowledge, experiences and information specifically crafted to benefit me and my business.”

Gable’s business has evolved over the years. From May 2006 – April 2015 was operating under a different name. In May 2015 Gable invested in some trade names: Eagle Oasis Professional Services LLC, Eagle’s Beagle, & Offsite Administrative Secretarial Innovative Support (OASIS for short). Eagle Oasis Professional Services LLC specializes in working with Consumers, Small Business Owners, Crafters, Artisans, Historians, Non-Profit groups: like Women Business Owners Network (WBON Lorain), Reunion groups: Class & Family, and many others! Krista K Gable can be reached at 440.864.3294 or visit the Web site at

About Online International Virtual Assistants Convention

The OIVAC (celebrating its 10th anniversary this year) is an online, interactive, “live” virtual convention for Virtual Assistants interested in growing their practices and entering this new decade with a heightened level of expertise.  For more information please visit the Website at



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You Can Depend on J & R Moving & Storage Inc!

When JnR Moves You EOPS-U4142017

TRINITY-Easter 2017

The Women Business Owners Network (WBON) will hold their next meeting Thursday, 20 April 2017 at Perkins Restaurant 1503 Travelers Pointe, Avon at 6:00 pm. The speaker will be Karen Rankin on The Importance of Americans Supporting Israel. The business spotlight will be Kathleen Carvin of Health Markets. Bring enough business cards and literature for an exchange. For reservations and directions, contact Karen Cheshire at 440-986-3200 or e-mail her at For more information about the group, go to . . . . “

AND…as Julie DiFilippo mentioned on 4/5/2017 we will be debuting a FUNDRAISER for WBON LORAIN!

Want a sneak peek at the jewelry? Visit to view all three of the online catalogs: 2016/2017, Spring, and Charms.
FUNDRAISER for WBON 4202017 - DiFlippo

FREE  Community Supper
The second Wednesday of the month
5:00-7:00 pm
All are welcome!

chairlift is available.   

Old Stone Evangelical Church
553 South Main Street
Amherst OH 44001

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Amherst United Methodist Church – Soup Lunch every month

Amherst United Methodist Church hosts its Community Soup Lunch 2nd Thursday each month from 11am – 1pm. Available for purchase are:  Veggie soup, chef’s choice, sloppy Joe’s, salad bar & homemade pie. Economical delights!  Everyone is always welcome to eat & visit. This is a great way for us to interact with the local community in fellowship. Come join us!

Amherst United Methodist Church
396 Park Avenue

When you watch TV – do you see those pesky “MESOTHELIOMA” TV commercials and wonder what they mean? 
Do you know someone (or a family)  who has been affected by Mesothelioma? 
Some families MIGHT  mention it in obituaries of their loved ones – and other may say nothing.


Get informed!  It’s the SILENT KILLER! 

It can take up to 50 years to appear. 

Whose most likely to be affected? People in the military, people who worked in OLD buildings like – schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, steel mills, auto manufacturing plants, roofers, dry wall hangers, ceiling tile hangers, electricians, plumbers, heating & air conditioning personnel,  auto mechanics who worked with paint and those who did house painting (lead paint) back in the day,  anyone who work in the building trades – like Professional Civil Engineers, Firefighters, Police, and if the wives and the children who “wore” or “washed” the “work” clothing of their loved ones.  Women are not immune!
Need more information?

Mesothelioma Cancer Awareness


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